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  • Cytology results reported the day we receive the sample

  • Full-color photomicrographs included with each report

  • Two board-certified clinical pathologists

  • Fluid analysis includes cytologic evaluation along with total protein and nucleated cell count

Histopathology/ Biopsy

  • Results reported 2-3 working days after sample receipt
  • Two board-certified anatomic pathologists
  • In-house special staining available
  • Convenient pricing packages such as GI panels for endoscopy samples

Immunocytochemistry (ICC)

When tumor cells are poorly differentiated, and it is not possible to determine their lineage/origin based on their appearance, we are pleased to offer ICC in-house for cytology samples when indicated. The sample required for ICC submission is simply 4 adequately cellular, unstained or stained, air-dried glass slides prepared the same way as those for standard cytologic evaluation. ICC analysis does not require overnight shipping of cells in a fluid medium (as with flow cytometric analysis) or an incisional biopsy (as with IHC).

Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

Immunohistochemisty is the use of antibodies to detect specific molecules in histologic sections of biopsy specimens and provide a more clear diagnostic picture. The IHC stains we currently offer in-house are listed below. When rare cases require additional markers, we will send slides out to other laboratories.

Our pathologists will always clearly recommend any additional staining or testing that they think would be helpful in providing the most precise diagnostic answer.

STAT Digital Cytology Image Interpretation

We offer a variety of digital cytology services to meet the needs of each veterinarian. 

Option 1:

  • Images should be in jpeg form and include low magnification and high magnification of multiple fields with and without the zoom function, see examples below. For a printable, one-page instructional PDF about this service, click here.
  • We will respond to your email with an interpretation as soon as possible, typically within one hour. A formal report will be issued the same day or next business day.
Service A: STAT digital cytology service
  • Results within 2 hours, 8 am-10 pm, M-F (maybe longer late nights/weekends/holidays
  • Glass slides will be sent to the lab to confirm the digital diagnosis
  • This service is ideal to facilitate same-day therapy for sick patients (high-grade lymphoma, sepsis, etc)
  • $20.00, in addition to routine cytology charges when slides are received
Service B: Stand-alone digital cytology service
  • Results same day that images are submitted; slides are not sent to laboratory for confirmation
  • This service is an economical alternative to traditional cytology service, best for cutaneous/subcutaneous lesions
  • This service is ideal to facilitate same day therapy for sick patients (high-grade lymphoma, sepsis, etc)
  • $32.00, no additional fees
10x objective, pre-zoom function
10x objective, post-zoom function
50x objective, post-zoom function

Option 2:

For very busy veterinary practices that desire the next best thing to having a clinical pathologist in your practice, EVP is proud to partner with Scopio, a technology company that offers installation of whole slide scanners. This service will allow for instant digital submission to EVP clinical pathologists during workdays, and after hours and weekend submission to an excellent team of Scopio clinical pathologists. To learn more, please contact us at vetclientservices@easternvetpath.com.

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